Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Rant. . . .

Lets face it I have a potty mouth. I use words like shit, fuck & damn like a small child says Momma & Dada. Use of foul language doesn't bother me to be honest I kind of like it. Face it, nothing drives a point home better that a good old "Fuck You" But when it comes to language I do have a HUGE pet peeve.

Some background: I have two nephews. Each has their own set of special needs. To some they are "retarded" or "slow." To me they are boys who have problems. They don't know life to be any different than the way they experience it and I could not imagine my life without them exactly how they are. Sure people ask don't you think it would be better if. . . C-Man wasn't autistic or if B-Boy didn't have CP and various other issues. I always answer "No, it wouldn't be better, it would just be different."

OK back to the rant here is a huge pet peeve. . .it irritates the living shit out of me when someone misuses the word retarded. For example "That rule is fucking retarded." or "Kristin is so retarded." or "What are you retarded?" I HATE IT when people do that.

When those words come out of the mouth of someone who is old enough to know better but clearly insensitive enough not to care I want to choke them. Why cant they think of something a little more appropriate to say, like "That is the most asinine thing I have ever heard." or "Kristin is the dumbest bitch I have ever met in my life." or "Dude that thing that you just did defies all logic."

To be honest, I don't care how a person describes their feelings towards an individual, a place or a thing or an act but for the love of god I beg of you please do not misuse the word retarded. It is offensive to those of us that care for and love someone whom has been diagnosed by a medical professional as "mentally retarded." Not to mention it makes you sound like an insensitive ass who obviously has a limited vocabulary.

People who lumped into a medical category as being "mentally retarded" did not chose to be the way that they are. I am sure if C-Man had a choice he would not have asked to be trapped in his own world struggling day in & day out to communicate even his most basic needs to those closest to him. I am sure if B-Boy were able to communicate other than with stiff and awkward sign language he would tell you that he would rather have control over his muscles so that simple things like walking were not so much of a challenge.

People who are mentally retarded or physically challenged do not say or sign that something is "So normal" or "so functioning" using the status of us regular folks as an insulting description. Hell they don't even tell us we are dumber than a bag of rocks when we don't understand them. All they do is love us with everything they have. These adults and children enrich the lives of those around them. If you are lucky enough to know one of these individuals you will begin to understand the world from a different perspective. Once you have that knowledge maybe, just maybe you wont be as dumb as a bag of fucking rocks or so fucking normal that you can stop misusing the word retarded.

~end rant. . .sunshine & happiness to return tomorrow~


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I second your rant . it is totally insensitive. If the people that abuse the word could only stand in the shoes of a challenged person for a day I think they would have a greater respect for the people they are dispariging... the another peeve of mine is the term "short bus" I would seriously love to punch the person in the face that uses that term ..

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