Thursday, April 26, 2007

Stapler Boy. . .

I know, I know you all saw the title & wanted to shut off your computer or smash it with your red swingline. Sorry folks but just tough it out...Please? I feel like I have so much to say yet nothing to say at the same time. I hate being unemployed but it certainly feels better than my last job did. I was in a word: miserable. More so than I ever was with really large phone company type place. At least at really large phone company type place you knew your friends would not let you fail. At my last place your so called friends set you up to fail.

I hate being single but I hate being in a relationship just for the sake of not being single even more. Stapler Boys return has really made me think about a lot of things. Specifically, the person I was the last 2 times we tried this. The first time I was shallow, selfish & demanding. I wanted what I wanted & that was it. I could have given a rats ass about what he wanted or needed.

The second time we dated I needed someone but did not want that person to need me. Again with the theme of the selfish. I am not saying that he was perfect. He wasn't. He admits it. Up until today, I never have. I guess that answers the what is different question. This time we have both admitted our past mistakes and are trying. Where that is going to take us I dont know but for the first time in a long time I am excited about going anywhere.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Well last you all heard I up and quit my job to follow what I thought was a dream. Turned out it was a big ole' nightmare. Seriously, worse than the ones I usually have and those of you that know me well know are muy mal. Allow me to explain. . .

I was working a gazillion hours a week and carrying the bulk of the workload for less pay and less recognition that most of the other "managers" within this particular establishment. I know right now you are thinking "Suck it up Mel. Welcome to retail." Nice try. About 2 almost 3 weeks ago I was pulled into the conference room and put on a disciplinary step for everything from doing my job too well to not doing my job at all to the color of my socks (NOT lying). I knew from a reliable source the write-up was coming so I had prepared myself for it mentally. I took my 40 lashes in my typical stoic manner then went out to my truck and chain smoked until I could taste my lungs bleeding.

I decided then and there as soon as my bonus posted I was giving my 2 weeks notice. Which I then did the following Friday. Only then the shit just got worse. People who worked under me refused to do work for me and knew because of my "disciplinary step." I could not reprimand them as they could cry "retaliation" or some other bogus remark and I would be terminated immediately. So I was now doing even more of the work and getting bitched at from all sides. In all honesty I compared going to work everyday to a grudge fuck. I really didn't want to do but felt like I had to. Until a week ago when I had finally had enough and walked the hell out. Surprised? So was I.

Holy Shit right? Now I am frantically on-line applying for bartending jobs. I have decided that is what I am going to do to get thru the summer or at least until the Trophy Wife market is up in full swing again. Thank God I have the friends and family I do. Cause Holy Mother of Crap they have put up with a ton of shit from me since October and for that I am sorry.

So if anyone out there happens upon this post and knows of a decent bartending job in the Boston area...hook me up...please?

There is so much more to post on such as the return of Stapler Boy which you can read about here. And a few new 4-legged children Ella who you all met in October and now Alabama whom I will post a picture of soonish. I promise.