Thursday, April 01, 2010


Dear Mass Highway,
I appreciate the fact that you are repairing the pothole ridden stretch of 128 South. HOWEVER,the BRAIN CHILD that decided closing the right hand lane just as the worst on-ramp in the history of America's highway system is merging onto the highway needs to be smacked.repeatedly! Seriously on a good day those merging onto the highway cant see me and I cant see them. Combine that with all of us being forced into one you know what that equals?90 FREAKING MINUTES TO GO 5/10 of a FREAKING MILE. That isnt cap locks I am in fact SCREAMING AT YOU!
Hating you,

Dear Joe Tough Guy in the Honda Accord,
So heres the thing, when you are in traffic and forced to merge from 2 lanes into 1 it goes like this one lane then then other, one lane then the other. Got it or did the drugs you do in high school rot your brain that much? I realize the you **think** you are diving a muscle car and I hate to break it to you; you're not. The only muscle in your car belong to the 4 angry gerbils running on the big wheel under the hood that make your car go brum brum. FYI they hate you too so I would plan on having to have some engine work done soon.
Just say NO next time!

Dear Men repairing above mentioned pothole ridden stretch of 128-
I should start by saying I have a tremendous amount of respect for the work you do and the conditions you work under. Extreme cold and heat, you deal with it all. I even respect you in the summer when you take off your shirts to cope with the heat & it looks like they are filming "Planet of the Apes" on the side of the road! That said, I am thinking if you grade down a stretch of highway and the frost heaves and potholes are still present you may have to grade it some more prior to paving it. Now I am not trying to tell you how to do your job I am just saying. To recap, I appreciate you BUT I am am thinking this isn't going to fix the problem.
Appreciating you,

Dear Woman who feels the need to honk at everyone in traffic-
WHERE WOULD YOU LIKE US TO GO? Should we all pull on our cloaks of invisibility? Sprout wings & fly? How about this, you deal with your repressed anger and come to terms with the fact the he's just not that into you, find a good shrink & join eharmony and leave the rest of us alone. I would recommend getting a pet however you are to mean to own a freaking fish!
Thinking you are a bitch & it is OK if he cheats,